4 Best New Costco Bakery Items Added In 2021 – Eat This, Not That


It’s almost impossible to walk around Costco without noticing the sweet smells of hot, buttered pastries… compliments of the warehouse brand bakery! And while nothing beats a leisurely stroll through the bakery section, the warehouse chain has managed to introduce new items to the bakery inventory throughout the year.

Whether it’s a classic or a novelty you’re after, Costco Bakery seems to have something for everyone. As tempting as it may be to grab all the baked goods, the best is yet to come! Here are some of the best new baked goods to grace Costco stores this year.

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After the All American Chocolate Cake disappeared, customers raised concerns online with a massive petition on change.com that garnered more than 7,700 signatures. Shortly after this public outrage, the warehouse brand unveiled a whole new take on this classic: miniature chocolate cakes.

While there is no word on the status of the return of the original cake, at least members can rest assured that the mini chocolate cakes are in stock. Who says big things can’t come in small packages?

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These new mini snickerdoodle cupcakes were certainly the talk of the town and were one of the latest additions to the Costco bakery selection. Buyers quickly caught wind of the news and had to try it out for themselves… and the verdict? As for Redditor u / Thisbestbegood, the user rates these cupcakes as ten out of ten. They elaborated, noting that it does contain a cinnamon punch and that it is a “10/10 not too sweet, strong cinnamon flavor. Would go back.”

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In July, Costco Instagram fan account @costcodeals posted that this massive lime pie weighs 4.25 pounds! Made with ingredients like lime juice and sweetened condensed milk, this item also has a whipped cream filling. The treat hasn’t been seen in stores for a while but has finally made a comeback at the bakery. With this pie there is no doubt that there is plenty to shop around. Dessert is available for purchase for just under $ 15.

Costco Bakery

Members can’t help but see the holiday season with these pumpkin gingerbread desserts.

Topped with a cream cheese frosting, this delicious dessert costs just $ 7.99. Not sure if it’s worth a try? A Redditor, who claims to be a baker at Costco, praised this dessert. In a Reddit thread discussing the beloved Pumpkin Gingerbread, u / GrrreatFrostedFlakes wrote, “I’m a baker at costco. It’s amazing. One of the best new baked goods we’ve made in so many years. years. “

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