4 Costco Bakery Items Customers Want In The Food Court


The Costco Food Court and Bakery are two sections of the hypermarket that Costco members love the most, so imagine how enjoyable your Costco trip would be if these two sections capitalized on all that love! This weekend, a group of Costco members compiled a list of baked goods they said they would love to see in the food court. Find out what happened when a Costco employee said they made this recommendation to senior management.

Read the Costco Bakery Wish List members want to see in the food court – and don’t miss The One Costco Bakery Hack everyone should know. (Editor’s Note: Some images may differ slightly from actual Costco products, although we have sought to achieve the closest representation.)

It all started on Saturday, when u / Middle-Journalist762 posted a recommendation to the Costco community on Reddit:
They should sell their chocolate chip cookies in the food court. I would buy one every time I buy! I can’t fit into a giant bakery container, but if they were available at the food court. Game changer. There is no preparation, easy to prepare. . . Man! Who do I contact to make this happen!

We saw the post, and we went. Meanwhile, u / scooterj76 suggested an idea on how Costco could keep its food court chocolate grinders warm: “The options for a slightly frozen or warmed product in the case of the churro would be the bomb!” ” Touch.

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costco cinnamon rolls
Costco / Facebook

u / slavnar95 brainstormed, “The cinnamon rolls they sell would be easy and awesome. They’re huge. $ 2 each, I’ll get one every now and then.” [sic]

Indeed, Costco cinnamon buns are so popular that the company created a giant box of the miniature version at one point.


U / sauce07 saw the conversation and gifted this chocolate chip cookie upgrade: “Combine the cookie with the soft serve, charge me $ 3. Please and thank you.”

It might sound a bit of a stretch, but we’ll give it to you, Sauce07. After all, it’s National Ice Cream Day.

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shelves and selection at costco bakery

Redditor u / Evan_Evan_Evan focused on problem solving and innovation: “I would like them to rotate the baked goods in the food court so people would try them. This prevents them from tasting them. We are fans.


Clearly aware of the passion many Costco members have for the food court, u / cursesonyourmom appears to be a Costco employee who had foresight some time ago. “I actually suggested this to my warehouse manager in a one-on-one meeting a bit before the covid hit the fan,” they said. “No idea if this was going somewhere with all this madness.” (Costco, we know you reward dedicated employees!)

Freezer door

Unless Costco makers use membership input for this food court and bakery collaboration (like a popular steakhouse chain just did with their beloved bread), some members of the community Costco on Reddit came up with what turned out to be a common thread recommendation: Buy the cookies at the bakery, then freeze them until you feel like it.

U / nycgirl2112 said, “I buy the entire container and put them in the freezer. The chocolate chip cookies freeze beautifully. I take one out when I want one and put them on the counter for about 5 minutes. Freezing also helps so I don’t sit down and eat the whole container in one day! ” [sic]

Everything you need to practice mindful eating, even at the Costco bakery!

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