4 Costco Bakery Items That Could Soon Arrive in the Spring – Eat This, Not That


It’s hard to resist Costco’s beloved baked goods when you wander through the bakery section of the warehouse. When choosing between the collection of freshly baked cakes, pies or cookies, the possibilities seem endless. Other times, these delights are there one day and gone the next. Luckily, some seasonal items might return, just in time for spring!

The megastore’s huge assortment of freshly baked sweet and savory items isn’t always available in every store, making some baked goods hard to find. But as the new season approaches, a few items might return to the bakery space. Keep looking to find exactly which of your favorite treats might be coming soon! (For more, here are 6 things you’ll see at Costco this year.)


Of all the Costco muffins, this Raspberry Lemon flavor is rated healthier than most. This was another fairly recent take on the warehouse bakery, with Instagram fan account @costcobuys posting about the muffins over a year ago.

It seems the muffins were in high demand when it debuted, as shortly after a Redditor wrote, “I just tried these and thought I might start going to the second closest Costco for those here, for my habit does not have them.”

In another Reddit thread from a year ago, u/Ultimate_Fluff asked other users if they were having so much trouble finding the item in stores. The user wrote that they’re “still expecting these babies in Avondale, AZ. No luck in Instacart either… Does anyone in Arizona or surrounding states have any at their Costco?”

Like most Costco bakery muffins, this fruity flavor combo comes in a 6-pack and costs around $7.99.

Costco Ham and Cheese Pastry

Often compared to a ham and cheese croissant, these $7.99 flaky pastries feature a cheese-filled center with chopped ham that’s described in a Reddit thread as “Really, really good” (especially when reheated in the oven. or deep fryer!). The pastry’s overall existence is only a year old and debuts in the spring of 2021. But some shoppers have struggled to find it in stores.

Reddit user r/AIW22 commented on the items disappearing a month ago, writing that he was “never to be seen again at any DC area Costcos” after buying the pastries several months ago.

Another Redditor u/GrrreatFrostedFlakes responds to the comment by explaining that as a Costco baker, the availability of certain products may differ by region, as opposed to individual stores.

The good news is that in some places, pastries are slowly starting to reappear in some places!

Costco raspberry crisp cookies

The bakery’s $9.99 raspberry crumble cookies have garnered a steady following of fans who love this delicious treat. So when a location recently discontinued cookies, a member took to Reddit to express their disappointment at the cookie’s disappearance. After researching the cookies at several Costco warehouses, Reddit user u/kepler16bee found that “The next closest bakery department (Kirkland, WA actually!) told me they’ve been discontinued. Whyyyyyyyyy 😭😭😭”

There’s hope for anyone missing out on the beloved treat since Instagram account @costco_empties posted that raspberry crumble cookies are back and even suggests reheating them for more deliciousness!

slice of lime pie with slices of fresh lime
Darren K. Fisher/Shutterstock

Shoppers and fans alike were thrilled when the @costcodeals Instagram account spotted Key Lime Pie in the bakery section of the warehouse last summer.

Key lime pie is not only a Costco classic, but enough pie to feed gatherings of all sizes, as one pie weighs over 4 pounds – perfect for sharing with others! Shoppers can remain hopeful that the beloved pie will likely return in time for warmer seasons. Dessert is usually priced at $14.99.

Fortunately, other items are already in the warehouse. Here’s all the info on baked goods and treats for spring Costco just got back for spring.

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