5 Ways To Make Costco Bakery Products Healthier, According To Dietitian – Eat This, Not That


Costco’s bakery is, let’s be honest, maybe the best part of the store. It’s packed with delicious treats, like cookies, muffins, pies and more. But if you’re trying to eat healthy, Costco Bakery can be a total calorie and sugar bomb. But rather than avoiding the bakery altogether, you should allow yourself to indulge yourself every now and then. Moderation is the key!

But more than moderation, there are other ways to get these baked goods without feeling like you’ve thrown your healthy food out the window. Kacie Barnes, MCN, RDN, the Dallas-based dietitian of mamaknowsnutrition.com has some tips on how to do just that so you can have your Costco cake and eat it too.

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Rather than eating your entire meal at the bakery, Barnes suggests eating it with protein, fruits, and vegetables in order to consume a more balanced meal.

“If you want to eat a baked product for breakfast, add milk to your coffee for protein or have a hard-boiled egg on the side, as well as some fruit,” she says. “It will keep you fuller for longer and the fruit will provide fiber, which is typically lacking in baked goods.”

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When you know you want to eat something indulgent, you might think that “saving” your calories earlier in the day and splurging later is the way to go. However, Barnes cautions against this, as it makes you more likely to splurge too much.

“If you deprive yourself earlier in the day, you are actually more likely to go too far when eating the baked goods and eating more than you would if you were eating properly throughout the day. “, explains Barnes. Instead, eat your normal day of food and allow yourself to enjoy the baked item as an occasional treat.

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If you allow yourself this bakery treat, make sure you slow down to eat it and really enjoy it. Eliminate any distractions while you eat and focus on what you put in your mouth. Enjoying your food well can help you stay more satisfied after you finish, which can encourage you not to overeat.

“If you’re distracted, watching a screen, driving, etc., you won’t even feel like you’ve eaten, let alone satisfied with the experience,” notes Barnes.

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It can be easy and tempting to walk down to the Costco bakery and go straight for candy, but all Costco baked goods are really tasty. If you can’t resist a bakery stop on your trip to the warehouse, look for slightly healthier items.

Barnes suggests a sprouted grain, if your Costco stores something of this nature. (Costco may vary, so you’ll have to see what your store has.) At the very least, she recommends one bread to avoid: sourdough.

“There is a myth that sourdough bread is a good source of probiotics, but in reality they don’t survive the baking process,” she shares. Plus, the refined flour in this bread isn’t always the best option, she points out. Refined carbs are low in fiber and are linked to weight gain, so if health is what you’re looking for, sourdough probably isn’t.

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In case you didn’t know, many of Costco’s baked goods are actually multiple servings. The giant muffin is not designed to be eaten all at once. You can take it a step further and cut your muffins or cookies into smaller portions in order to control the number of calories, fat, and grams of sugar you consume.

This way you can still indulge yourself without going overboard. Barnes even suggested adding a nut butter to your muffin serving for a protein boost and healthy fats.

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