A new café, bakery, restaurant and coffee school

The “Sam”: Eggs Benedict meet the waffle with a portion of Kalua pig.

In this month’s issue of HONOLULU, we dive into the Hawaiian world of coffee: geeks, farmers, cafes. The search for the feature meant going to Kona, Hawaii’s most famous coffee region (even if you knew less than half of Hawaii’s coffee production comes from the Big Island?) To visit some. farmers. The other main reason to go to Kona: Daylight Mind, a new cafe, restaurant, bakery, and coffee school. One of the Daylight Mind partners is Shawn Steiman, aka Dr. Coffee. So this is not your usual coffee.

On the one hand, you can take courses in tasting (how coffee experts rate coffee), processing and roasting coffee cherries. Or if you’d rather just switch to drinking, Daylight Mind offers a variety of Hawaiian coffees, such as 100% Kona from Papa Kona and Waialua Estate coffee from O’ahu, made with your choice of brewing method. You can even order a burst of coffee. Where have you ever heard of a coffee theft? Welcome to the new world of coffee, tasted with all the seriousness of wine.

To make it even more geeky, it is brewed by a centrifuge. Because “how are you going to get 1 ounce herbal teas quickly and without waste?” said Steiman. How indeed?

Liliko’i opera cake (left) and coffee theft

But it’s not all coffee here. I ended up eating at Daylight Mind three times during my stay in Kona. Partly for the lānai which overlooks the ocean, part for the food and especially for the desserts. Daylight Mind recently began supplying Alaska Airlines’ First Class cabin with its cakes. Can they also start flying them to O’ahu? I especially like the liliko’i opera cake – a sponge cake covered in liliko’i buttercream, dark chocolate ganache and finished with a liliko’i frosting.

For breakfast, if you go all-out, get “Sam,” an unrestricted concoction that’s essentially an Egg Benedict on a waffle. With Kalua pig. And barbecue sauce.

There are pizzas and sandwiches for lunch, and dinner entrees include pork chops and mushroom polenta. If you can’t make room for it all, at least make time for a morning cup of coffee and pastry by the water’s edge.

75-5770 Ali’i Drive, Big Island, (808) 339-7824, daylightmind.com

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