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Rae’s Bake Shoppe & Cafe, 46 S State St., Preston, Idaho

PRESTON – After working 12 hours a day at Presto Products Company in Lewiston, Michelle “Rae” Furniss decided it was time to convert those hours into something more enjoyable.

“I just couldn’t shake it,” Furniss said. “It was something that I always wanted to do and I felt I could do it well. “

What the Preston, Idaho resident couldn’t shake was the desire to open a cafe specializing in homemade baked goods, breads and fresh foods.

Furniss quit her job at Presto, borrowed money from her brother to start, and “kind of jumped in,” she admitted.

Rae’s Bake Shoppe & Cafe, located at 46 South State Street in Preston, opened on June 3 and currently serves breakfast and lunch.

The menu offers everything from quiches, omelets, sandwiches and salads. Then there is the bakery.

“I have always cooked,” Furniss said. “When I was eight or nine, I started cooking and I loved it. “

A few years ago, she bought a Hobart twelve quart mixer on eBay from a man in Mexico. With the blender came some of his recipes, in Spanish. “I was able to translate them. I could figure out some and what I couldn’t I searched on Google, ”she said.

One of those recipes was for a sweet bun. She lightly “touched” the ingredients, named it the “Texas” Cinnamon Roll, and now serves it on a twelve inch plate.

In addition to cinnamon buns, Furniss sells fresh muffins, cheesy croissants, brownies, cookies, and other pastries.

Since opening a few months ago, Furniss has developed a number of Keto recipes, mostly for selfish reasons. She says eating too many carbohydrates affected her blood pressure and she started to retain water. She came up with a Keto Bread recipe that allowed her to cut down on carbs while enjoying a slice of bread. It got so popular, she said, “I got people from Logan to buy it.”

She currently sells Keto loaves of bread and wraps and would eventually like to label Keto Bakery Cafe with low-carb, sugar-free options on the menu.

The single mom, with three kids at home, says the days are long and “it’s been a bit crazy. But it’s nice for me and I find it rewarding, ”she said.

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