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There is no shortage of cafes and bakeries in the city, but there are some that you like to visit repeatedly. The atmosphere, the food, the memories, there are plenty of reasons that make a “good coffee”; your favorite haunt too. Bread & More, a cozy little bakery and pastry shop from the Kwality group; tucked away in the back alleys of GK’s N Block Market just ticks all the boxes. If the large display of baked goods like cookies, pastries, macaroons, croissants, puffs doesn’t distract you as you step into this charming cafe, you can appreciate the refreshing interior. It’s simple, well lit, the planters give this place a nice touch of color.

The cafe has a range of quality snacks that can help keep you going between the endless chatter. We started with the seekh kebab chicken puff, which went perfectly. Crispy on the outside and stuffed with smoked chicken skewer. We then moved on to flatbread with mixed vegetables or pizza made with just the right amount of cheese, and vegetables like olives, onions and tomatoes. No extra glitz or frills here, but an intensely satisfying treat nonetheless. We were told their mixed sauce pasta was one of their best selling items, and we could tell why. The portion sizes are generous for the price. The sauce and vegetables made the pasta a refreshing treat. While we didn’t really appreciate the nuggets there is nothing remarkable about the snack, we did like the spring rolls though. Perfectly crispy and hearty. We ended the meal with mini chocolate and lemon tarts. The cafe also sells a range of interesting cookies, lavash, sourdough, and other types of fresh breads and baked goods.

Where: Bread & More N 17, GK N Block Market

Cost for two: INR 1500

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