Costco is immediately changing the price of these popular bakery items – say no!


Many consumers love Costco for its low prices on bulk items, but unfortunately for shoppers at this outlet store, the company recently raised the prices of two delicious baked goods: the Kirkland Signature Croissant Pack and the Kirkland Signature Muffins. . Both items were increased by $1, reports Eat This Not That.

The Kirkland Signature 12-pack croissant, which previously cost $4.99, is now $5.99, while the store’s 6-pack muffin has gone from $7.99 to $8.99. Shoppers on Reddit were quick to notice the price change. “You BUTTER believe it, they’ve gone up in price!” one commented in reference to the croissants.

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The company confirmed the price changes during an earnings call last Thursday, when the senior vice president of finance and investor relations said the higher costs were due to inflation in commodity prices. . “Reluctantly, we raised the price of our muffins and croissants, I think, $1, because the price of many of these raw materials continued to rise up to two times, three times and four times what ‘It was last year,’ Nelson said in the call.

As the company will now bring in an extra dollar for every sale of its croissant breach, the idea is that it will be able to balance the costs of production and additional materials.


Although this issue has caused the prices of many of the store’s items to rise, Nelson made it clear that they will not increase the cost of the iconic hot dog and soda combo, despite “incorrect information circulating on social media “. Additionally, membership fees will remain the same for the time being, despite all the rumors you may have heard: “Given the current macroeconomic environment, historically high inflation and the burden this places on our members and all consumers in general, we are thinking of increasing our membership fees today, ahead of our usual timing, it’s not the right time,” he said. Praised be!

Now let’s hope they don’t raise the price of danes later.

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