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There’s still about a month to go before the official start of spring, but Costco is gearing up, as usual, early. Several pastries and sweets have been spotted in the warehouse over the past few weeks.

Some are old favourites, and some are brand new, but based on what dropped this time last year, there could be a few others as well. Here’s everything you need to know before your next warehouse shopping trip. (And for more on that, here are 6 things you’ll see at Costco this year.)

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The gigantic organic apple pie is back in the bakery section of the Costco warehouse just in time for the weather to warm up. Instagram account @costcoorganic talked about it right after Valentine’s Day ended, and just in time for a fruity spring.

The pie weighs nearly 5 pounds, is made with organic apples, and costs $12.99. They note that not all of the pie is organic, just the apples, but the ingredients are vegan.

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There’s already a cheese bakery item at Costco, but the Cream Cheese Danish has to make room for the new Cheese Buns that just launched. Who says new season says novelties!

Instagram account @costco_empties recently asked its followers what they thought of the loaves of cheese bread sold in nearly 3-pound bags of 12 for $8.49, and they say they look ” unbelievably good.”


Pine berry, also known as hula berry or white strawberry, is shaped like a regular strawberry, but tastes like a pineapple. Last year, Costco sold real pineberry plants for $17.99, but this spring 10-ounce packages are available in the produce section for $4.99. Instagram account @costcobffs just reviewed them after finding some in their warehouse earlier in February.

They said they tasted very similar to regular strawberries and gave them a rating of 2/5. However, we have to imagine that they are quite nutritious – pineapple is packed with vitamin C, and strawberries can help slow the digestion of glucose in the body, i.e. can help prevent spikes in blood sugar after a rich meal in the car.

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While we wait for the sun to shine a little longer in the day and the plants to start sprouting, there are a few other fresh produce that may be landing in the warehouse soon. One is the six-pack of carrot cake cupcakes that the bakery section first made in March of last year by Instagram account @costco_empties.

The box was $6.99 and each cupcake was covered in cream cheese frosting with a glazed carrot on top.

For more on what’s going on in your neighborhood warehouse, read all about 11 Costco Food Court Items Members Are Desperately Wanting To Pick Up.

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