Galway has a brand new bakery, restaurant and wine bar called Éan


Described as an “innovative 56-seat new bakery, restaurant and wine bar”, Éan is located near Galway’s famous Druid Theater on Druid Lane.

The newest addition to the already booming food scene in Tribal City, Éan is the latest venture of Enda McEvoy and Sinead Meacle – the husband and wife duo behind Galway’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Loam.

Open for take out only, they’ll serve a limited menu of artisanal pastries and sandwiches until they can safely open for sit-down service … which will certainly be worth the wait if their menu is anything. to take away by. Offering everything from freshly baked pastries to seasonally-inspired breakfasts, lunches and dinners, it looks like they’ll have something for everyone.

Involving many well-known names in the food industry, inside the kitchen you’ll find the likes of Pastry Chef Lauren Goudeket (of Loam) and Chef Christine Walsh (formerly Sous-Chef at Loam and Allta) within the team.

Responding to the opening, Christine commented:

“I don’t see any other way to work with food than with the seasons and to use each product as much as possible in the most sustainable way possible. This will be very evident in the menus of Éan.

“I just want to make delicious food. Éan is going to be somewhere you can go and either have some great bread, pastries and coffee, or come a little later in the evening and relax while tasting some fine wine, listen to great music and eat tasty plates of food. Of course, what else would you want? “

One to add to your Galway bucket list when restrictions are lifted.

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