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Carolyn R. Wilson | For Washington County News

MEADOWVIEW, Va. — As the pandemic has created challenges for businesses and farmers across the country, a farm-to-table restaurant is going the extra mile to support its local growers.

Meadowview’s Harvest Table restaurant is launching a bakery subscription campaign to help connect the community to local and regional food producers, as well as bring attention to meals that can be prepared using cultivated crops right here at home.

‘Our Daily Bread’ is the name of the campaign which will offer customers a variety of ready-to-eat bakery items each month, all of which will use locally produced ingredients, including produce, grains and meat.

The global meal kit industry was a booming business in 2020, partly due to the pandemic, but also in response to an increased number of consumers who want healthy and convenient meals at affordable prices for their families.

So while the meal kit industry isn’t new, the local countryside stands apart from all the rest, according to Willie Bordwine, pastry chef at Harvest Table restaurant. Bordwine, as well as Chef Charles Parker at the restaurant, sees this as an opportunity to meet consumer demands while honoring local producers who play an important role in the economy.

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In the coming weeks, customers who subscribe to the boxes will receive ready-to-eat baked goods to complement each meal of the day for a small family of four.

The first subscriptions start in April, offering customers bakery items every month until June. Customers pay for three-month subscriptions on a quarterly basis.

Customers can renew their subscriptions, which will cover the months of July to September and October to December.

“We want to surprise our customers and give people the unexpected,” Bordwine said.

“It’s a chance for me to show people what’s possible with the limited palette we have in this field. I also look forward to promoting our growers and producers each month. »

The pastry chef will use fresh vegetables including potatoes, squash and leafy greens to prepare some of the pastry. “We are grateful to be able to rely on regional suppliers for things like buckwheat and rye,” Bordwine said.

The boxes will contain freshly baked items including breakfast pastries, muffins, sandwich and dinner breads and a variety of baked goods to satisfy the sweet tooth, such as pies, croissants, cookies and , maybe, a pack of four cupcakes.

A three-month subscription for $150 entitles customers to one box of bakery items each month. Bordwine said the items will have a shelf life of one week or can be frozen for at least two months for optimal taste.

The campaign’s efforts don’t stop there.

Each subscription box will contain educational material on the featured farms to better acquaint customers with local producers.

Additionally, Bordwine has pledged to donate $5 from the sale of each subscription box to the Featured Farmer each month.

“We buy the produce from the farmers to create the bakery items. I may end up spending $10-$20 on leafy greens to place multiple orders. It’s not a lot of money, so I also want to donate to farmers,” he said.

“While I will buy from local producers to create these ‘Our Daily Bread’ slices, I want to go beyond the transaction and engage both my customers and suppliers as close supporters of each other. he money stays in our community and enriches the dedicated farmers, entrepreneurs and their families in our community.

Participating growers will include Wolf Farm Natural Elements and White’s Mill, both in Abingdon; River Valley Farm in Mendota; The farm of my shepherd in a rural retreat; Moyer family farm in Castlewood; Laurel Brookes Farm in Tazewell; and Tumbling Creek Cider Co. and Harvest Table Farm, both in Meadowview.

Bordwine encourages community members to offer their suggestions and ideas for making the project more successful by emailing him at [email protected]

Visit Harvest Table Restaurant on Facebook for up-to-date information on the “Our Daily Bread” subscription campaign.

Carolyn R. Wilson is a freelance writer in Glade Spring, Virginia. Contact her at [email protected]

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