Iceland launches frozen baked goods from 25 pence per serving – perfect for breakfast


The supermarket is preparing to facilitate your brunch thanks to their cook from frozen pastries ready in 25 minutes. With three mouth-watering choices to choose from, it’ll be hard to keep them in the freezer long enough to get through the weekend.

Butter goodness

Looking to improve your breakfast game this weekend? Maybe you have several mouths to feed now that school is out for the summer? Or maybe you want something quick and easy without having to work in front of the oven? Well Iceland is here to help you with their latest brunch deals.

Yes, Iceland has improved its breakfast game with the introduction of Frozen All Butter Pains Aux Chocolate (£ 2, 4 pack), All Butter Croissants (£ 2, 6 pack) and All Butter Pains Aux Raisins ( £ 2, 4 pack) to help brunch Brits enjoy a continental snack in the comfort of their own homes. The delicious specialties are currently on a two-for-£ 3 offer, meaning supermarket fans can grab a fresh pastry from their oven for just 25p each.

To find the nearest Iceland, we’ve listed the store locator here for your convenience. You will also find the opening and closing times available here as well.

The smell of fresh bread is no longer reserved for French bakeries thanks to Icelandic freezers. Icelandic shoppers can walk the aisles of the supermarket to find authentic frozen buttery pastries for added convenience so everyone can enjoy a freshly baked sweet bun from home, whenever you want. takes some.

Pre-baked then frozen, Icelandic Butter Croissants and Icelandic Butter Chocolate Bread only take 25 minutes in the oven to bake to perfection. Once baked, buyers can keep it soft and simple with a dollop of jam, a layer of ham and cheese for a tasty bite, or go traditional with a bowl of hot chocolate for dipping.

So whether you’re in a rush or looking for a hot breakfast that the whole family will enjoy, Iceland has you covered, and it’s on a budget.

At just £ 2 a bag, or two for £ 3, Icelandic shoppers can shop for the French fantasies for the whole family.

Prices for new Icelandic brunch items:

  • Butter croissants – £ 2, pack of 6
  • All Butter Pains Aux Chocolates – £ 2, 4 pack
  • All Butter Raisin Bread – £ 2, 4 pack

And that’s not the only reason you should venture to the nearest Iceland, as they have some amazing new launches in store.

If you’re looking for an after-dinner treat, the supermarket has just launched a delicious, limited-edition truffle ice cream. The two new limited edition Majestic Truffles are available in two flavors, Majestic Chocolate & Coconut Truffle (4pk, £ 1.50) and Majestic White Chocolate & Raspberry Truffle (4pk, £ 1.50). Arriving just in time for summer and priced at £ 1.50 per box for four. They are available in stores and online now.

When it comes to grills to bring to the party, Icelandic fan favorite Slimming World is on hand to help shoppers stick to their plan this summer. From Quarter Pounders (£ 3.50, 454g) to Beef Koftas (£ 3.50, 300g), free alternatives to barbecue classics are available for the slimmer to pop on the barbie throughout the months of summer.

Not to mention, for those who like their burger to be spicy, the supermarket now sells the UK’s hottest burger – made with the hottest chili in the world.

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