Janey Lou’s Bakery Products expands yeast dough production with new lamination line


The Utah-based premium restaurant bakery supplier is responding to market demand for high-quality pizza dough by expanding yeast dough production lines with new state-of-the-art rolling equipment.

A family-owned bakery company, Janey Lou’s Bakery Products supplies restaurants, grocery stores and retail establishments along the Wasatch Front with the highest quality baked goods. The acquisition of new high-end rolling equipment allows the company to increase its yeast dough production by 50%.

Since its founding, Janey Lou’s commitment to using real ingredients in everything it does is reflected in the quality, taste and freshness of their baked goods, which have become a staple on many menus around the world. Utah. Their 45,000 square foot factory in Salt Lake City features three separate production lines capable of producing six thousand pounds of finished product per hour, helping customers evolve current recipes to grow their business or develop custom recipes in their kitchen. testing and development.

Although Janey Lou’s manufactures a wide variety of baked goods, their recent move uniquely positions the company as a wholesale bread supplier to expand their pizza and calzone lines. Speaking of their recent investment, Ryan Fillmore, Vice President of Business Development at Janey Lou, said, “Our new pizzas and calzones have been a huge hit with our customers. The demand is so strong that we have decided to increase our sheet production capacity. People love pizza, but they want something authentic with a chewy, blistered crust. Our range of pizzas offers this.

Unlike many bakeries that focus on cinnamon rolls, bagels, muffins and other baked goodies, Janey Lou’s is USDA certified to handle baked goods containing meat and cheese. This certification allows them to develop savory offers appreciated by customers such as pizzas and stuffed pies.

Low-stress, high-production laminating equipment recently acquired by Janey Lou’s of Italy both increases its pizza dough production while maintaining its commitment to using traditional baking methods. The equipment allows dough to rise naturally and completely without the addition of common dough conditioners. Ensuring the dough is not overloaded in the extrusion process creates an end product similar in texture and taste to handmade dough.

“While consumers love baked goods, the market demand is really moving away from the mass-produced, pre-packaged frozen goods that we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing in stores,” Fillmore noted. “By using real ingredients and equipment that replicates traditional baking methods, we can create something that looks and tastes like the handmade baked goods that people really want to serve their friends and family. “

To learn more about Janey Lou’s Bakery Products and the quality products they produce for their customers, call 801-798-7504 or visit www.janeylous.com.

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Janey Lou’s Bakery Products specializes in innovative and unique baked goods, which are individually processed by exceptional bakers for superior quality and taste. They use some of the most technologically advanced cooking equipment.

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