Janey Lou’s Bakery Products Named Supplier of the Year


Western US convenience store chain Maverik presents Janey Lou’s Baked Goods Supplier of the Year Award for maintaining superior service as a supplier during chain disruptions pandemic supply.

Founded in 2005 in Spanish Fork, Utah, Janey Lou’s Bakery Products has become a leading supplier of pre-made, pre-packaged baked goods to convenience stores like Maverik along the Wasatch Front. While many competitors struggled to keep up with orders due to ingredient shortages and congested supply chains, their ability to provide consistent deliveries led to Janey Lou’s becoming Maverik’s primary supplier. To recognize the company’s unique achievements, Maverik presented the company with its Supplier of the Year award.

Over the past 17 years, Janey Lou’s has demonstrated its dedication to providing customers with the finest baked goods. Using only the finest real ingredients and traditional baking methods, Janey Lou’s produces commercial pizza dough, yeast rolls and cinnamon rolls that look, smell and taste like fresh baked goods. and handmade. Their ability to develop proprietary recipes and adapt them to meet demand makes them an ideal bakery supply partner for many restaurants and chain stores in the western United States.

Maverik has over 300 gas stations and convenience stores in western states such as Utah, Arizona, Washington and South Dakota. They depend on vendors like Janey Lou’s to stock their stores with the products their customers love.

“We are truly honored to be named Supplier of the Year for a successful company like Maverik,” said Ryan Fillmore, vice president of business development for Janey Lou’s. “We pride ourselves on being a supplier that our customers know they can count on to deliver a superior product, no matter what. Our dedication to continuing to provide Maverik with top quality baked goods despite all supply chain challenges is truly a testament to what we think of our customers. We knew falling behind and not delivering our product as promised was not an option. We had to find a way, and we did.

While other bakeries have cut deliveries, Janey Lou has never missed a customer on her scheduled delivery. Instead, they proactively identified potential shortages and looked for ways to secure ingredients for their frozen buns, breads and rolls in advance. They have also mitigated their risk by expanding their own supply chain. By using multiple vendors, they eliminated their reliance on a single source. This strategy has not only allowed them to navigate the pandemic, but it has placed them in a unique position where they can continue to grow and accept new customers while others are still struggling to recover from past issues. .

“Our response to supply chain issues has been really critical to our success over the past year,” Fillmore remarked. “Expanding our network of suppliers has helped us ensure a steady supply of incoming ingredients and outgoing products for our customers. We have succeeded in stabilizing our activity despite the unstable environment around us. It puts us in a great position and I’m excited to see where it takes us in the year ahead.

To learn more about Janey Lou’s Bakery Products and the baked goods they produce for customers like Maverik, call 801-798-7504 or visit www.janeylous.com.

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Janey Lou’s Bakery Products specializes in innovative and unique baked goods, which are individually processed by exceptional bakers for superior quality and taste. They use some of the most technologically advanced cooking equipment.

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