Kerala artist creates 24ft long Theyyam face using baked goods


A Kerala-based artist created an installation using cookies and other baked goods to reflect Kerala’s genre of ceremonial art, Theyyam. Suresh, also known as “DaVinci,” spent nearly 15 hours creating the massive 24-foot-long art installation.

The art installation was created in the hall of a bakery in Kannur using numerous tables arranged in the center of the room. Theyyam’s Face was created using up to 25,000 cookies in different colors and sizes, along with other baked goods.

“This art form was created in the ‘Bake Story’ bakery. The artwork is 24 feet long. It took me 15 hours to complete the job. Many friends at the bakery helped me make it. finish, ”said the artist.

Artist creates 24-foot-long Theyyam face

Suresh was invited to make the artwork in Chef Muhammad Rashid’s bakery, “Bake Story”.

“We invited DaVinci Suresh, who made the artwork of the traditional art form of North Malabar Theyyam using baked goods. Kannur’s Bake Story Bakery is also part of the 100 medium plan of DaVinci Suresh, ”the chef said. After that, all of the baked goods were taken to a veterinary farm for biodegradation.

Koraput District Administrator Odisha Lalit Kala Akademi Hosts Contest to Revive ‘Jhoti’ Art

Likewise, on Thursday, October 7, the Odisha Lalit Kala Akademi, in collaboration with the Koraput district administration, organized a competition on Jhoti art in the hamlet of Padampur in the district, in order to revive the art traditional “Jhoti” and encourage women to pursue this folk art.

The folk art and customary practice of making murals or rangoli at the entrance of a house on social occasions and religious festivals is known as “Alpona”. Jhoti, on the other hand, is not the same as rangoli. While rangolis uses colored powders to create line drawings, jhoti art uses semi-liquid white rice or pitau paste to create line drawings. In this style of art, the fingers are used like a paintbrush.

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