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Waffles aren’t part of the regular breakfast schedule, but chef-owner Tim Jermyn sometimes offers them as a Saturday brunch special, said Autumn Kuhn, restaurant worker and fiancee of Keegan Jermyn, the eldest. children.

Sandwiches on homemade bread or buns include the Cheesy Pig ($ 8.50), grilled cheese with pulled pork and barbecue sauce, and a Mac Attack burger ($ 9.25), topped with macaroni au cheese and cheddar cheese.

Dinners include homemade pappardelle pasta ($ 11) with pesto, garlic, and oil or marinara sauce, which includes a cup of soup or salad, and a bun. Macaroni and cheese can be ordered with lobster ($ 19). Personal pizzas ($ 10) are made on crusts which are also sold at local pizzerias.

Eventually, they will be able to enjoy them with a gluten-free beer, as the company has applied for a beer and wine license.

Kuhn said customers were especially delighted with Kith and Kin’s fried appetizers and chicken fingers.

“A lot of our customers have never really gotten to try fried pickles or mozzarella sticks,” said Kuhn, “so they love to try this for the first time.”

Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday. Closed Sunday, Monday. Telephone: 471-3305.

Mom of 3 turns gluten-free baking into a business

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