McDonald’s offers free McCafe baked goods to brighten up your day


McDonald’s celebrates the good life with free McCafe baked goods.

Could Free McCafe Baked Goods Make Your Day Better? While everyone would like the 2020 calendar days to be faster, McDonald’s understands that the little things can make life a little sweeter. Savoring an apple donut in the middle of the afternoon could make that last call of the day a lot more bearable. Don’t you deserve a little treat in your world?

Earlier this month, McDonald’s announced the arrival of three new McCafe baked goods on its all-day menu. These menu additions are the first change to McDonald’s main menu in eight years. As breakfast continues to be a food trend, McDonald’s new McCafe offerings show that breakfast cravings can happen at any time of the day.

To kick off the month of November, McDonald’s will be giving away a free apple donut, blueberry muffin and cinnamon roll. Customers can get this free bakery item with the purchase of any size McCafe Premium Roast or Iced coffee. The offer is available from November 3 to 9.

McCafe’s free baked goods are available through the app. When ordering coffee, customers can select one of three baked goods. The offer is available once a day, every day of the week, at participating restaurants.

The free offer via the app is becoming a trend for McDonald’s. Periodically, the McDonald’s app offers specials such as Free Fries Friday, celebrity meal savings, and other discounts. In some ways, it pays people to make sure the app is on their device.

Value meals and discounts are a priority for consumers. With the ease of use of in-app promotions, more and more users are willing to push a button and place an order.

While these deals tend to attract consumers with their deals, people tend to buy more through food apps. Convenience often makes it easier to keep adding to this command.

Sometimes a sweet treat can make any day a little brighter. Enjoy a McCafe coffee and get free McCafe baked goods in November. Even though Uncle Al said there was no free lunch, there is a free treat at McDonald’s next week.

What’s your favorite McDonald’s treat?

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