Nationwide baked goods recalled due to allergy concerns


A multitude of baked goods shipped across the country are recalled over concerns they have undeclared allergens, according to federal health officials.

According to the recall notice posted on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website.

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The recall notice includes more than two dozen of the company’s bakery products that may pose a serious or fatal risk to consumers who are allergic or very sensitive to wheat, milk, soy and tree nuts, according to the recall.

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The recall was launched after the company discovered that bakery products containing the known allergens were “distributed in packages which did not reveal the presence of said allergens,” the advisory reads.

According to the notice, the owner made a mistake and did not have “the proper protocol for the distribution and labeling of baked goods under the proper regulations”.

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However, no disease has been reported for the affected products to date.

Still, the treats have been distributed locally in the Los Angeles area as well as throughout California and 18 other states across the country.

The affected products “have also reached consumers through e-commerce and pop-up retail stores,” the opinion continues.

Consumers are urged to discard any recalled items.

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