New bakery opened by Lovingly Artisan


A NEW bakery has been opened by the multi-award winning Lovingly Artisan company.

The company opened the new point of sale alongside its headquarters in Plumgarth.

The family business made the decision to expand its Kendal base of operations to meet the demand of retail customers visiting Plumgarth Bakery and to allow for the expansion of the bakery itself in the coming months to meet to the ever increasing demand of professional customers. ; including high quality hotels, restaurants, cafes and food outlets in the Northwest.

The new store, simply called The Bread Store, opened just weeks after bakery owner Aidan Monks was crowned winner of the Baker category at the nationally recognized Olive Chef Awards. .

The addition of the new retail facility has already created a full-time job, with more expected to be added in the coming months as the retail and bakery operations continue to grow.

In addition to offering the Gilchester Organics line of artisan breads and flour, the Bread Store will eventually carry a range of products including cookbooks, aprons and bread pans. In addition to hosting Aidan and Catherine’s regular hands on sourdough, banking and styling workshop classes based in the Lake District.

Aidan Monks commented, “The demand for our bread has continued to grow and that is why we have taken steps to open our own bakery in Plumgarth’s to meet this demand. In addition, moving the retail side of the business to a dedicated space will also allow us to expand our bakery business. ”

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