New Birds Bakery store opens in Nottingham city center


Cream cakes, sausage rolls, ears of bacon and donuts … is there anyone in Nottingham who hasn’t devoured a Birds delight at some point in their life?

At a time when department stores are closing faster than one can say “crème à la crème”, the century-old family business is flourishing and is opening its 65th boutique in the heart of the city center, in a former H Joailliers Samuel building .

The new Birds Bakery store, which opened at 7 a.m. and made its first sale two minutes later, has proven to be a trusted and trusted brand for decades with its freshly baked goods, friendly service. and its motto “we never sell stale cake.”

Spokesman Mike Holling said: “Right now Main Street is very difficult for all retailers, but we are committed to staying and investing in new stores. I hope our customers will continue to enjoy all the products we make on a daily basis. “

The location couldn’t be more intriguing – not so much the current Lister Gate site, but the fact that it sits right next to Greggs with its similar products of sausage rolls, donuts, frozen buns and steak-based pastries.

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“We are still a traditional artisan baker, selling sweets, savory products, bread and rolls for over 100 years,” Mr. Holling said, when asked if they were targeting a different demographic. .

The latest store brings the number of Birds stores in the downtown area to three, but each is different.

In intu Victoria Center there are tables and chairs, which makes it as much a cafe as it is to take out. The small shop at The Poultry is entirely dedicated to take-out. And in response to the question on everyone’s lips – no, there are no plans to shut it down, bosses say.

The Lister Gate branch sits somewhere in between with a row of seats by the window where customers can watch the comings and goings while enjoying a 200 degree cup of tea or coffee with their snack.

Ready-made buns, lemon jam pies, cream scones, Halloween-themed pastries and pork pies presented at the counter dwindle as the day progresses .

Manager Paula Shirley outside the new Lister Gate store
Manager Paula Shirley outside the new Lister Gate store

But there are no breads, ears of corn, sliced ​​ham or turkey here.

“We did this consciously to give the customer a different offering,” said Regional Manager Mark Stirk. “Here we have made it easier to take out – but we listen to our customers and if there is a need for bread and rolls we can put them in our range here very quickly,” he said. added.

“People saw the progress of the store and said they were happy that we were here and that our neighbors, such as Weavers, welcomed us. They think we bring value to the area, which is charming.”

The top selling products at Birds are (1) Sausage Rolls and (2) Caramel Donuts. Over the course of a year 2.5 million cream cakes are sold and during the Christmas season 340,000 bird pies are scoffed at.

Customer Martyn Jewers said it was a great addition to the area.

“It’s a beautiful shop, bright and clean and full of all the great pastries and cakes that Birds is famous for.

“It’s nice to see an East Midlands company doing well. With what’s going on with the new Broadmarsh, it should be a very good acquisition for them,” said Mr Jewers, who works at Robin Hood Energy in the city center.

The Derby-based bakery started after WWI. Today there are stores across Notts, Derbyshire and Leicestershire and the company has made inroads into Staffordshire with a branch in Lichfield. Another new one for Notts recently opened at Chilwell’s West Point Mall.

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