New Jessup Farm bakery, restaurant planned


The artisan village of Jessup farm has a new bakery which will also serve as a restaurant.

The Loafing Shed is slated to open in April, replacing the Lovif bakery which recently closed. In addition to selling bread and other baked goods, including wedding cakes, the 1939 Jessup Drive restaurant plans to offer flatbread pizzas, sandwiches, soups and salads during lunch hours and to have dinner every day of the week.

“When you walk in for the first time the thing that will hit you is the smell of fresh bread,” said Joel Navejas, the chef at Jessup Farmhouse, who is also interested in handling the news. bakery.

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“When I make sandwiches, I think people come back for the bread. It’s a huge piece of the whole concept. And ours will be fresh that day.

The Loafing Shed, which tests products including a range of gluten-free products, will also make breads and desserts for the Jessup Farmhouse restaurant.

The bakery is also planning to partner with the Jessup Artisan Village brewery to make a beer cheese soup.

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“I imagine us in the summer, going back and forth, back and forth,” said Jesse Doerffel, co-owner of Jessup Farmhouse and The Loafing Shed.

“We are very excited. The bakery has all the latest technology.

The Loafing Shed will offer indoor and outdoor seating. Inside the bakery, a projector will show silent versions of films from the 1990s.

The bakery will also have wine and beer options.

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Test out the baked goods at the Loafing Shed which plans to open a restaurant during lunch and dinner hours.

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