Oregon bakery accused of racism over Oreo cupcake named ‘Mr. President’


Black-owned bakery in Oregon is accused of racism after selling Oreo cupcake named “Mr. President.”

Oregonian reported Monday that outraged customers blew up the bakery on Yelp, criticizing Fat Cupcake for its “Mr. President.” The cupcake is described as an Oreo cookie baked inside a white cake with buttercream. cookies and cream.

“Very disturbing. They served a cupcake called the ‘Mr. President ‘which contained an Oreo cookie. When I tried to point out the racism involved, they claimed that “our current president loves Oreos,” wrote a Yelp reviewer.

Portland-based bakery owner Anjelica Hayes says she’s black, so the cupcake can’t be racist. She said they originally named the cupcake because it tasted so good that they wanted it to take public office. She later found out that President Barack Obama’s favorite cookie was the Oreo.

Hayes said the bakery also took heat from an item dubbed “The Intern”. The same Yelp reviewer who lambasted the store over the Oreo cupcake took issue with “The Intern” because they believed it was a coup against Monica Lewinsky, Hayes told the newspaper.

After being criticized by angry critics, Hayes changed the name of the cupcake to “The Professional”. She said the item was still the store’s most popular baked goods despite the name.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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