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KARACHI: Brand name manufacturers have dropped a price bomb on consumers – who are already struggling to survive under high prices for chicken, mutton, beef, wheat flour, sugar, etc.

In the price list given to retailers, manufacturers attributed the price increase to rising raw material rates, utility bills and distribution costs.

Consumers braved an 11% rise in July 2020 while in 2019 bread prices rose more than 8% ahead of Ramazan, followed by another 9% rise ahead of Eidul Azha. The total price increase for bread and other bakery products from 2019 to date amounts to 37 pc.

According to the new price list, the plain and milk mini-bread is sold at Rs45 and Rs46 against Rs 40 and Rs 41.

The new price of the roll (plain and with milk) is Rs65 and Rs66 against Rs60 and Rs61. The price of large plain bread has been increased to Rs120 from Rs110.

A cut hamburger bun and a special four piece hamburger bun package now carry a price tag of Rs60 and Rs65 compared to Rs55 and Rs60. The price of the hamburger roll has been increased from Rs25 to Rs20.

The prices of the bran bread and the packet of rusks have been increased to Rs100 and Rs90 from Rs90 and Rs80.

Justifying the price increase, the secretary general of the Karachi Bread Association (KBA), Haroon Iqbal, said the rate of super fine flour reached Rs 3,275 per 50 kg bag, up from Rs 2,950 in July 2020, while the price of sugar now costs Rs 94 per kg. against Rs87 in July 2020.

He said the price of packaging products (poly bags) is now Rs 675 per kg compared to Rs 450 in July of last year, while the price of ghee and oil is available at Rs 250 per kg and Rs 233 per liter compared to Rs 166 and Rs 162, up 51 pc and 44 pc in the last 10 months.

However, earning the rupee certainly lowered the cost of imported raw materials, but in the case of bread and other items, Mr Haroon said, the prices of raw materials and imported products such as preservatives, improvers and emulsifiers remained unchanged. They own 22 pc of the total cost of making bread. One dollar is now equivalent to Rs 152-153 compared to Rs 168.43 in August 2020.

In the total of bread and other baked goods, the share of small and mini bread accounts for 70% of total sales, he said.

However, bread consumption generally decreases by at least 40% during Ramazan.

Posted in Dawn, le 9 May 2021

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