Prices for unbranded baked goods soar 20%


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Jun 02, 2022 08:36:05

Prices for unbranded bakery products rose 20% due to higher prices for flour, oil, butter and other ingredients used in baking.

Mohammad Jalal Uddin, chairman of the Bread, Biscuit and Confectionery Manufacturers Association of Bangladesh (BBBCMA), said the price increase for bakery products came into effect on Wednesday June 1, UNB reports.

In accordance with the decision of BBBCMA, the new prices for bakery products made in manual bakeries have been implemented nationwide, he said.

“The prices of bakery products produced by different brands with automatic machines have also increased. Hand-operated bakeries were also clamoring to raise prices,” he added.

Bakery owners said prices for nearly every ingredient used in baked goods have skyrocketed.

In addition to oil, the prices of butter, flour, sugar, milk and eggs have increased. Rising prices of various ingredients used in baked goods have forced many people to shut down their businesses, Jalal Uddin said.

The leader of the BBBCMA said that the bakeries of large companies, which produce products in automatic and semi-automatic machines, are not members of the Association of Owners of Manually Operated Bakeries and that these companies have already increased the prices of their products.

According to the BBBCMA, there were 5,000 manual bakeries across the country before the Covid-19 pandemic. Half of them were temporarily closed during the pandemic.

After the Covid situation improved, many resumed operations, but now more than 500 bakeries have been closed due to rising commodity prices, the BBBCMA leader claimed.

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