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KARACHI: Manufacturers in Karachi have decided to give a second price hike of the year to consumers already affected by inflation by increasing the prices of bread and other baked goods by 10-12% as of November 26.

According to the new price list, large, medium, small and mini plain breads will be sold at Rs135, Rs110, Rs75 and Rs50 compared to the tariffs Rs120, Rs100, Rs65 and Rs45.

The new prices for medium, small and mini milk bread will be Rs111, Rs76 and Rs51 against Rs101, Rs66 and Rs46.

Consumers will have to pay Rs 110 for bran bread compared to Rs 100, while the price of cut hamburger bun (4 pieces) has been increased from Rs 60 to Rs 70.

The new prices for the special hamburger bun and pillow pack have been set at Rs75 and Rs100 compared to Rs65 and Rs90.

Manufacturers have kept the prices of (large) fruit buns, school buns and burger rolls unchanged at Rs35, Rs10 and Rs25.

Consumers faced an 8.5% to 9% price hike in April.

In 2019, bread prices rose more than 8% ahead of Ramazan, followed by another 9pc hike ahead of Eidul Azha in the same year.

As of July 2020, manufacturers had raised prices by more than 11pc.

Karachi Bread Association (KBA) General Secretary Haroon Iqbal Sheikh confirmed to Dawn on Sunday that the decision to increase bread prices was made “because of rising rates of various materials used in the making of bread. bread”.

He said the price of super fine flour rose to Rs 3,750 from Rs 3,275 per 50kg bag in April 2021.

He said the price of packaging products (polythene bags) has now risen to Rs 720-750 per kg, from Rs 675 per kg.

Ghee now cost Rs 322 per kg, up from Rs 250 in April 2021, while cooking oil sold for Rs 425 compared to the previous rate of Rs 233 per liter.

The price of sugar had reached Rs150 per kg recently and returned to Rs96 per kg.

Mr Haroon said the depreciation of the rupee against the dollar has increased the cost of raw materials and imported products such as preservatives, improvers and emulsifiers.

Posted in Dawn, le 22 November 2021

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