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Roberts Bakery is venturing into the snack category with the launch of a breakfast-inspired six-course line.

The range of ready-to-eat snacks includes fusion baked goods such as a Pangel – a cross between a pancake and a bagel – and a brookie, a hybrid of brioche and cookie.

Pangels are described as high in protein and come in chocolate and coffee and raspberry and chia flavors, while brookies come in apple crumble and orange and chocolate flavors.

Porridge breads complete the range. Each pack contains an entire bowl of oats, Roberts said, and comes in apple, raisin and cinnamon or cranberry and coconut variants.

All contain less than 250 calories and are individually wrapped in compostable packaging.

They will be available at convenience stores, including Spar and McColl’s, as well as Mortons Dairies and The Modern Milkman Dairy home delivery services starting September 7. Each product has an rsp of £ 1.25. Multipacks of all six snacks will also be available to order at Roberts’ recently launched online store starting September 10.

The range was originally designed for the on-the-go breakfast industry before Covid, but Roberts has since shifted focus and the range is now aimed at consumers looking for a source of “healthy energy.” At home or away as society adapts. to the “new normal”.

“Five months ago, when we were preparing to launch this range, we were targeting an OTG consumer in a market that is expected to exceed £ 23 billion by the end of 2022. Since the start of the pandemic – thanks to the agility of our brand and operations – we have adapted quickly to take advantage of new opportunities, ”said Alison Ordonez, director of innovation at Roberts Bakery.

“As we come out of lockdown, there is certainly an increased demand for healthier snacks that still provide an escape without conflicting with health goals. We know that most shoppers are now trying to eat and drink healthier. This new line meets their needs perfectly – being healthy, nutrient-dense snacks that taste great too. “

Hybrid bakery products have gained traction in recent years thanks, in part, to Dominique Ansel’s hybrid donut-croissant – the cronut. The tastes of the cretzel (a croissant and pretzel hybrid) and Choco-nutv Bread have hit the scene this year alone.

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