Savor the benefits of “gur” with these jaggery-made bakery items by the NSI Kanpur!


With the distribution of jaggery-based bakery and confectionery products by the National Sugar Institute, Kanpur’s food industry has taken a healthy turn for sweet tooth lovers. Considered a better alternative to sugar, jaggery is used in powdered or liquefied form to make a range of edibles, including cakes, brownies, chocolates, jaggery, and sweet popcorns. Through this initiative, NSI is trying to bring healthier and tastier options to our most beloved snack foods!

Products finalized after two years of repetitive efforts

Due to its medicinal properties and traditional use, jaggery is preferred over sugar by a number of Indians. After long-term efforts of the institute’s sugar technology division over the past two years, the production process has been formalized. Now, it can be expected that the products will soon occupy a huge part of the market.

According to Professor Narendra Mohan, director of the institute. “It was seen as a challenge to produce such products while maintaining their quality, shelf life and taste, but the institute’s efforts to develop premium liquid and powdered jaggery (gur) opened the door to the way to the production of such countertop products. “

The MSME ministry will be mobilized for the establishment of units

The director further said that the manufacturing of these products will be scaled up based on demand and investment. In this context, the necessary assistance will be obtained from the Ministry of Rural Development and the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). With the support of ministries and other officials, multiple production units will be set up around sugar factories and regions with a high availability of sugar cane.

At present, the MSME sector has already shown interest in establishing micro and small manufacturing centers in different regions of Uttar Pradesh. In addition, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Odisha are expected to implement these technologies in the coming days. Officials from these states have already contacted the institute for the creation of centers.

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