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LONDON, March 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Our reports have been revised based on market size, forecast and strategies for 2021 following the impact of COVID-19:

According to The Business Research Company’s research report on the outlook for the global bakery products market, the market trends are focused on the health conscious customers. Manufacturers of bread and baked goods are offering cakes and pastries that are low in sugar, as people are increasingly health conscious. Low sugar cakes and pastries are made using alternative or natural sweeteners such as honey, stevia, and maple syrup.

According to the International Food Information Council’s (IFIC) Food and Health Survey 2020, around 74% of people said they were trying to limit their sugar intake.

Besides adjusting ingredients, companies are increasingly offering products in small portions due to the growing awareness of the harms of sweet cakes and pastries. Small portions allow customers to limit their consumption and also to taste different products. Small sizes and a lower price encourage customers to try new and exotic flavors.

For example, Schulstand Bakery Solutions offers small-sized bakeries due to increasing popularity, especially among millennials. Mintel, a research company, conducted a survey of 1,854 adults who purchased chocolate online in the three months prior to February 2018. The company found that about 49% of shoppers are the most likely to say that they ‘they would like to see more chocolate in mini size. bars or bites.

The bread and bakery products market consists of sales of bread and bakery products by entities (organizations, independent traders and partnerships) that produce bread and bakery products. Companies in the bread and bakery products industry process flour into bakery and bakery products for consumption off the premises, package them and distribute them through various distribution channels to private customers and commercial establishments.

Market in value in this report is defined as the revenues that businesses make from the goods and / or services within the specified market and geography. It does not include income from resales further down the supply chain or as part of other products. Only goods and services traded between entities or sold directly to final consumers are included. Whether expressly stated or not, markets for goods include related services and contracts for services include related goods.

The commercial research company‘s report titled Global Bread and Bakery Products Market Report 2021: Impact of COVID-19 and Recovery to 2030 covers major bread and baked goods companies, bread and baked goods market share by company, bread and baked goods manufacturers, bread and baked goods market size and forecast from the market for bread and bakery products. The report also covers the global bread and bakery products market and its segments.

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The size of the global bread and bakery products market is expected to grow by $ 212.5 billion in 2020 at $ 222.55 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7%. The growth is mainly due to companies reorganizing their operations and recovering from the impact of COVID-19, which previously led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, remote working and the closure of business activities which resulted in operational challenges. The market is expected to reach $ 279.54 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 6%. Asia Pacific was the largest region in the world market for bread and bakery products, representing 31% of the market in 2020. North America was the second largest region accounting for 28% of the world market for bread and bakery products. Africa was the smallest region according to baking industry statistics.

Due to the COVID-19 closures, sales of edibles such as bread and baked goods were at the height during the first quarter of 2020. The supply of baked goods was insufficient as many bakers had closed their operations due to labor shortages. In addition, disruption of logistics facilities due to blockages has created more challenges in the bakery and bakery products market as consumers are not receiving the products as required, which has affected the growth of the market. Another factor hampering the growth of the market was the lack of availability of raw materials due to which the production of products was interrupted. Due to the height of these challenges, the small bakers in the market were hit the hardest.

However, the government has started to allow stores to reopen and the demand for bread and baked goods has increased – especially bread as it is considered an essential commodity and is regularly eaten as part of a daily diet, especially at breakfast and afternoon tea. As a result, the demand for bakery products from the household sector has recovered.

Global Bread and Bakery Products Market Report 2021: Impact of COVID-19 and Recovery to 2030 is part of a series of new reports from The commercial research company which provide Bread and Bakery Products market overview, analyze and forecast Bread and Bakery Products market size and growth for Whole Bread and Bakery Products market, Bread market segments and bakery products and bread and bakery products market geographies, bread and bakery products market trends, bread and bakery products market drivers, bread and bakery products market constraints , Bread and Bakery Products Market revenue, profiles and market share of key competitors in over 1,000 industry reports, covering over 2,500 market segments and 60 geographies. The report also gives an in-depth analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the market.

The reports are backed by 150,000 datasets, in-depth secondary research, and proprietary information from interviews with industry leaders. A team of highly experienced and expert analysts and modelers provide market analysis and forecast. The reports identify major countries and segments for opportunities and strategies based on market trends and approaches of major competitors.

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