Tartine Bakery opens a new Mission bakery / restaurant


The Heath Ceramics showroom in the Mission. [Photo: heathceramics.com]

Big news from the team behind Tartine bakery and Bar Tartine: come next year, they will open a third outpost at Heather ceramic“Large showroom and factory facility in 18th and Alabama. Leafhopper got the first word on the bread stars project Chad robertson and Elizabeth prueitt. The couple have signed up for a 5,000 square foot space, which will join Heath’s Blue bottle kiosk to become a bakery, restaurant and commissary kitchen.

The new space will be designed as a daytime dining option, but will include room for Bar Tartine cooks Nick balla and Cortney Burns to work on their own projects, but also to welcome guest chefs and possibly to offer an educational component. Heath is known for its simplicity and clean aesthetic, and while Tartine will retain its own distinct identity, the new space will of course make heavy use of Heath’s tableware.

Heath has long been looking for a catering option for his establishment, which employs 50 factory staff and a host of other artisans. He had even considered creating his own restaurant in the space. But with Robertson and Prueitt living a few blocks away, the partnership has become obvious.

Fans of the original Guerrero de Tartine location will be relieved to learn that it will remain operational once the new location opens, with the spacious Heath outpost providing more space for Tartine’s bakery staff. to experiment with new recipes and new products. For now, that looks like a 2015 opening date for the new spot, so stay tuned for more details and updates as plans progress.

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