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Tesco is strengthening its free-from range with 30 new products, including a festive confetti cake and a Lorraine quiche.

The NPD (see below) comes on as research from the retailer found that one in 10 UK adults have cut gluten from their diets and another in 10 have cut out dairy or lactose.

Of 2,000 shoppers surveyed, 10% who bought free items were doing so by choice rather than because of diagnosed intolerances, the data showed. The results suggest that the popularity of lactose-free alternatives is largely fueled by the younger generations, with the demand for dairy-free and lactose-free options increasing more significantly.

Almost a quarter (22%) of 18-34 year olds are on a dairy-free diet and one in five (18%) have adopted a gluten-free diet, he added.

“With the demand for product-free alternatives at an all time high, Tesco has focused on innovation within the category in recent years, with an emphasis on developing quality, breadth and flavors available to our buyers – all at great prices, ”said Alison Stokes, Tesco Product Development Manager, free of charge.

“Interestingly, the data shows that 12% of people who shop without food can no longer tell the difference between regular and free products, which just shows the progress the category has made over the past few years. “

The latest sweet and savory baked goods to arrive in the retailer’s free aisle include:

Tesco Free From Confetti Cake

Confetti Cake

Dubbed “light and fluffy,” this vanilla sponge cake is filled with strawberry frosting, raspberry jam and topped with colorful swirls and a dash of edible confetti.

Rsp: £ 9.00 / 931 g

Free of: gluten, wheat and milk

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

These bagels are produced using the traditional New York style of boiling then baking for a chewy bite, a shiny surface, and a soft internal crumb.

Rsp: £ 1.50 per four-pack

Free of: gluten, wheat and milk.

Without twists of matured cheddar cheese

Ripened cheddar cheese twists

Described as ‘super light,’ these cheese twists are made with a crisp, gluten-free hand-twisted dough and ripened vegan cheddar cheese and are said to be best served straight from the oven.

Rsp: £ 2.25 per two-pack

Free of: gluten, wheat, egg and milk. Suitable for vegans.

Tesco without ginger nut cookies

Ginger and nut cookies

These “hot and fiery” ginger nut cookies are made with rice flour, gluten-free flour and soy flour.

Rsp: £ 1.30 / 180g

Without: milk, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegans.

Quiche Lorraine

This extra-ripened smoked bacon and cheddar quiche is made with gluten-free shortcrust pastry.

Rsp: £ 15.0 / 160g

Without: gluten and wheat.

Cheese & Onion Quiche

This quiche includes cheddar and red Leicester cheese with onion as well as eggs and liquid cream, all served in a gluten-free shortcrust pastry.

Rsp: £ 2/160 g

Gluten and wheat free.

Steak pie

This steak pie is made with a gluten-free shortcrust pastry filled with chunks of beef in sauce.

Rsp: £ 2 / 200g

Gluten, wheat and milk free.

Tesco Free From Lemon Drizzle Cake Kit

Tesco Free From Lemon Drizzle Cake Kit

This pack contains all the ingredients to help home bakers prepare an egg-free lemon cake.

Rsp: £ 1.70 / 300g

Free of: gluten, wheat, milk and eggs. Suitable for vegans.

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