The Buttered Tin undergoes $ 10,000 Kickstarter campaign to launch bakery / restaurant

Buttered pewter, a new bakery / restaurant, is slated to open in the Lower Town neighborhood of St. Paul later this month.

The place has a $ 10,000 Kickstarter fundraising campaign underway, for which he needs $ 2,000 to reach his goal by next week.

Jennifer Lueck, who co-owns the place with her business partner, Alicia Hinze, says the money will help start the bakery. She hopes the campaign will get community members to immediately take ownership of the bakery / restaurant.

The duo focused on this neighborhood because “We knew it was a need. There is nothing like it in this area, ”says Lueck. The Lower Town “seems to be on the verge of exploding with the light rail and the arrival of the new stadium. It’s a good time to come in and establish ourselves, ”she said early on.

The space previously housed a sub-store but had been vacant for several years. It already had a good floor plan, with space for 45 seats inside and outdoor dining for 20 customers. “We didn’t have to do any major renovations or construction,” says Lueck.

Instead, they mainly reinvented the look of the space and created an open kitchen, so people could see the food as it’s prepared. “We think it’s important that people feel connected to their food,” she says.

The partners want the café to be a comfortable neighborhood gathering place. “We think we are contributing to the neighborhood,” says Lueck. To create that feel, the space has ceiling tiles, dark wood, “cool floors that are truly durable” and reclaimed marble from the historic Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis, making it a unique counter. . “Aesthetically, it’s traditional or classic. This is our goal for the interior. “

It’s fun to see the elements that she and Hinze chose a year ago fall into place, says Lueck. “We are so excited. It went very well, ”she says.

Source: Jennifer Lueck, Co-Owner, The Buttered Tin
Screenplay: Anna Pratt

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