World Heart Day: Stay away from refined sugar, baked goods and red meat to keep your heart healthy, doctors say: The Tribune India


Manav Mander

Tribune press service

Ludhiana, September 28

“Sugar is the new smoking” and on World Heart Day, which is celebrated every year on September 29, doctors advise against the use of refined sugar to keep the heart healthy, as it leads to obesity , diabetes and bad cholesterol.

“Smoking is considered bad, but sugar is just as bad because it leads to high blood pressure, insulin resistance, obesity, heart disease and fatty liver disease. To keep the heart healthy healthy, refined carbohydrates, baked goods and red meat should be avoided. One should include more fruits and vegetables in the diet and walking for 30-40 minutes should also be included in the daily routine,” said Dr. Bishav Mohan, Medical Superintendent, Hero Heart DMC Hospital.

He said that excessive gym and consumption of protein shakes afterwards did not prove to be good for health and on the other hand, yoga had shown positive results.

Dr Mohan said that Indians lacked protein and therefore the consumption of almonds, walnuts, soybeans, cottage cheese and eggs, which was profitable, should be increased.

Dr Arvind M Das, director of cardiology at Max Hospital, said an observed collapse should immediately trigger a resuscitation response. The first step is to check the patient’s pulse and call them to check their responsiveness. The drop could be due to low blood pressure or low sugar.

“However, if your instincts tell you it could be cardiac arrest, an immediate response is mandatory. Remember, you only have five minutes – any delay will result in irreversible brain damage. CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) in the presence is important when dealing with a patient in cardiac arrest Now that there is less emphasis on mouth-to-mouth breathing, self-contained chest compression is easy to do and learn with similar results. The next step is to call for help — an ambulance, so that paramedics arrive at the scene to take over. Even if that means continuing compressions for 30 minutes, keep doing it “, did he declare.

Pay attention

  • Stay in control: Have your blood pressure (BP), sugar and cholesterol levels checked regularly. BP is a silent killer and has no obvious symptoms that something is wrong.
  • Golden Hour: Many people think of heart attack as a gastroenteritis problem. If one is facing such a problem or pain, the best thing to do is to go to a nearby hospital and have an ECG done. The first hour is known as the golden hour and should be used while doing an ECG at a nearby hospital.
  • Healthy Diet: Include green leafy vegetables, berries, fish, almonds, nuts, and beans in your diet for a healthy heart.

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